B1:  fake IP sang US NN UK
B2: Đăng Nhập Vào Nick Dính Cp 72h
B3: Vào link dưới
1. https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/319547548123767
B4: Up cmnd Trúng Với Info nick bị Cp 72h
B5: Đợi support rep lại thì rep như sau :
 Hello faebook team
- I have read Facebook's community standards, I guess I do not have a Facebook rule, what a violation
- Maybe I'm wrong Facebook account has been disabled. I declare that I do not violate any provisions of this Facebook proposal
I hope that Facebook will consider me to reactivate my account, then my government issues ID cards to me and some of my information:
Full name: (Full name)
Date of Birth: (Date of Birth)
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